Our Approach

Making healthy eyes look good is the easy part of optometry.

At Blink, first and foremost, we are concerned with the health of your eyes.
We are dedicated to providing quality eyewear with personal service; from your eye examination to eyewear fittings.

We offer comprehensive services for eye examinations, diagnosis of common vision problems, and vision correction products including glasses and contact lenses.

Being an eye care professional is about much more than eyewear fashion. So, just as much as helping you look your best, we’re here to advise you and your family on the life-long health of your eyes.

Family eye care is a very important part of our approach.

Eye characteristics often have genetic associations, so choosing an eye professional for your entire family makes a lot of sense.

As we get to know you, don’t be surprised if we enquire about your family’s eye care. Ours is a careful and caring approach.