Spectacle Lenses

Make sure you know all your lens options.

There is now a wide range of lenses available with distinct features.

We will give you the best advice on the type of lenses for you.

High Index Lenses
Much thinner and lighter than glass. With high index lenses, you can avoid having “milk bottle” lenses.

Trivex Lenses
Lenses made with Trivex material are ultra-light for ultimate comfort. Trivex material is one of the lightest lens materials on the planet. Also Impact resistant.

Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL)
Recent technologies have developed this revolutionary lens. This new generation lens allows a seamless transition between your distance and near vision by incorporating multiple focal distances into one lens. The PAL improves the look and performance of the classic bifocal lens.


Anti-Reflection Coating
Reduces glare, reflections, and “ghost images.”

Scratch Resistant Coating
A great investment to prevent minor scratches.

Cosmetic and Specialty Tints
Available in a variety of colors and shades.

Very accommodating for an outdoor lifestyle. When the wearer goes outside, the lenses darken or tint. When the wearer goes back inside, the glasses become clear.

Polarized Lenses
Eliminate almost all glare, reducing eye strain and increasing visibility.

Specialty Lenses
No matter what your particular need, there’s a specialty lens designed for you.
Highest Quality Lens Designs + Brands some of our Trusted Ophthalmic lens Vendors: Essilor, Hoya, Transitions